Quality & Safety

Health and Safety

VenYou Catering undertakes to carry out all scopes of their work in accordance with the company's Health & Safety Policy. The company believes that health and safety regulations are it's first and foremost obligation towards its customer, as well as its staff.

VenYou Catering has gone the extra mile to ensure all health and safety rules and regulations are met, making sure to examine all products, ingredients, materials and procedures for safe practice.

Quality Control

At VenYou Catering, Quality Control is in even/ practice we make. Our team is fully committed to the maintenance and development of Its quality standards. We offer our staff all the necessary equipment, tools, training and resources to make sure that everything is 100% up to par.

From the very beginning of the process, quality control supervises every step of the way. From choosing our ingredients, to the hygienic practices in the kitchen, onto the cooking and handling.

We take pride in our quality, as it is what sets us apart, and makes us who we are today.